Welcome to Gothic Bite Magazine!

Our magazine is a community to gather all people that enjoys the paranormal. It is customized to satisfy the cravings of those who like the lightest spooks to those who devours the dark and we hope you will all enjoy our work.

Gothic Bite is one magazine among many, we know, but what sets us apart is our Ghoul Family, little monsters that writes articles for your pleasure and keep you up to date with what is happening in the paranormal and supernatural world.



“What will set us apart from everyone else is our personality. Our unique way to see ourselves and the world we live in. Let’s create something that people can get lost into and wish they were a part of.” – Alexa Wayne.



Our editor in chief and OCD Vampire, finds it important for all of our readers to know that the Ghoul Family truly believes this magazine will bring something new to everyone who will dare read Gothic Bite.

GBM - Ghoul Family by Alexa Wayne
GBM – Ghoul Family by Alexa Wayne

Everyone in the Ghoul Family has been writing for as long as they can remember, but they are all also been attracted to the unknown and what lurks in the dark as well.

Their mind is always running at high speed to create new stories and new content, but also they wishes to share with the world their passion for what hides from the light: vampires, monsters, paranormal, supernatural and so this magazine will be here to satisfy everyone’s thirst for the paranormal.

The Ghoul Family admits they are new to this blog thingy, but with the help of each member we will figure it all out and bring all readers the best content all of you deserves.

So, come in for a bite!
Ghoul Family

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