Werewolf A Poem

When people think about the paranormal the first two creatures that come to mind are vampires and werewolves.

The hybrid of men and wolves seems to fascinate the general audience. Yet, few take into consideration how painful and frightening it must be for those under the curse.

My Werewolves

Werewolves are depicted in television, video games, literature, and art showing what the creature looks like after they have transformed from their human self to a beast under the light of a full moon.

In folklore they are shown as being villains, giving in to their animalistic nature to pursue the hero and its allies.

Werewolf Poem by Luna Nyx Frost for Gothic Bite Magazine
Werewolf Poem by Luna Nyx Frost for Gothic Bite Magazine

What It Means To Me

The poem plays on the concept that the change from human to werewolf is quite painful and that while in this form a person loses touch with their humanity.

A werewolf is cursed to change under the light of every full moon the wolf is in control leading to the person waking up in the morning with a blank in their memory of the previous events.

Now shush, I’m trying to read.
Luna Nyx Frost


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