C. Brady

Obsessed with dragons from an extremely young age, I found myself quickly traveling down the rabbit hole of the fantastical. Riptides drew me further under their spell, and I was submerged in the depths of the darkness.

Vampires, Lycans, Dragons, Demons, Shifters—it did not matter. I loved it all. I devoured every book I could get my young hands on, and often not to the knowledge of anyone else. I hold a particular love for Dragons and Demons—Gods too. Mythology has also wound its way around my heart (Aiolos, I love you until the end).


I sculpt, consume copious amounts of music, anime, and documentaries. I am a science lover, reformed elitist gamer, driving enthusiast, and a tech snob. I love ancient cultures—especially those of the Egyptian, Japanese, and Native American peoples. Despite all those facets, my heart lies with writing.

The words flowing from my fingertips reach into the depths of my ancient soul and pulls to the surface stories I came to this life to tell—archaic tales that joined my soul to emerge into this realm with a new life. I wish I could know what I experienced beyond the veil—how long my muse has been at my side—however I know I do not remember for a specific reason. What that is I could not tell you, but if in this lifetime I see if I can somehow achieve my goals I can go home for eternity.

I am a Gemini sun, Libra Moon, and Sagittarius rising. My soul—although not dark as night—resides in the twilight realms where I am happiest. It is the time when the world quiets, and I come to life.

Ever changing, those around me say I am predictably unpredictable, and yet entirely predictable in the same breath. I also tend to be a mirror. I give what I get without thinking, and that lends itself to empathic tendencies. I am not as sensitive as other empaths, but I do tend to mirror those around me and know before time who is in need.

Joining the GBM family out of my love for the paranormal, I am looking forward to delving into another aspect of the paranormal—learning side by side with you. I also joined because I could not shake the connection I felt with The OCD Vampire and The Phantom. It feels like home here in the mansion, and I hope I can get my rooftop perch set up to stand the test of time.

C. Brady

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