Welcome to the Gothic Bite Magazine! Where us, the Ghoul Family will share with you all that we have discovered throughout our journey through the Paranormal World. Because GB is a monthly magazine, you can count on the Ghoul Family to always have something new to share. After all, we do have a wide variety section reserved for the
website only.

It will be our pleasure: Alexa – the OCD Vampire, Luna – the Librarian Ghost, Emberly – the Fire Demon, Artemis – the Yeti, Inkstress – the Phantom, Nanye – the Djinn, Kellanko – the Malicious Unicorn and the Skeleton to bring you the latest news in the paranormal department. 

With subjects such as the Monster of the Month, legends, folklore, most haunted places and/or macabre lands, among many other things! Such as recipes inspired by the popular cartoon series: Hotel Transylvania. You will come back for more every month!

But! Let’s not forget that we do reviews as well! Reviews of different type of novels, movies, series, musicals and we share festivals and gatherings too. Also, we will list the places we will be at to share the bite that is quite Gothic!

You can also have previews of what will come in the digital magazine.
And, look at the description of some of our sections below!


Vampires are old, the legends are older and the belief of their existence walks the line between real and the dream. Their story has been passed down through drawings inside caves to parchment, to novels and the silver screen. The very embodiment of what they are, just like them, never dies.


Fox Bats
Fox Bats


Vampires are both of nightmares and dreams. It always depends on your encounters with them. Just like us, some are good and others are… more dangerous. The community is vast and gathers many and so the Gothic Bite specialist of their world will share with you their world… coming out of the closet – wink-wink, see what I did there?

Strangely enough, it will not be by our OCD Vampire, but our own Artemis Dai.


Gothic Bite isn’t new to the hauntings of homes, lands, sacred places, forests and… people. We know about the other realm and we are not scared to share it all with our readers. We are even willing to visit those places and ask questions and do research about its history.




No one at the Gothic Bite HQ is afraid of the dark… well, maybe sometimes, but most of the time we feel more than welcome in it and go on our own adventures as ghost adventurers! 

Follow us soon on BooTube!


We have quite a few avid review monsters at Gothic Bite HQ. Monsters that are addicted to their shows, novels, music, movies and fandom. The paranormal world is still expending to this day, metamorphosing in many ways and so are the entertainment that grows with it. Reviews are most helpful when it comes to choose the right realm for ourselves.


True Blood on HBO
True Blood on HBO


But, not to worry, the Ghoul Family has you covered and will provide you with reviews for all the paranormal shows, novel genres, music and more!

And maybe, even you, the readers and subscribers can suggest ones to review or talk about!

Give us a try!


The LARP world is one that is growing in popularity. One that some in the Ghoul Family aren’t as familiar with than others. However, those who are active in the community, are amazing ones! 

Those of us who aren’t familiar, now knows that LARP stands for Live Action Role Playing game! Yes, we were very clueless compared to our Malicious Unicorn, Zombie and Librarian Ghost. Haha!




They will discuss the LARP world, their own experiences and what LARP is when it comes to the paranormal world and vampires. There will be 101 articles among beginner topics, intermediates and more advanced. 

So don’t be shy and Kellanko, Luna and Tara!


No website about paranormal would be complete with its own personal Top 10 of… Everything! We have it all: animes, music, novels, manga, comic books, video games, clothing stores, artists, shows, etc. Everything you can think of, we will make a Top 10 for!


Vampire Hunter D
Vampire Hunter D


We have many ideas for them and will share them on all of our social medias of course. We will recommend sometimes, while other times it will be our top cheesiest as well! Haha! We will have a blast sharing it, but also much fun with interactions with our followers!

Also, please don’t be shy to suggest Top 10 for us too!

Enjoy our bite!
Ghoul Family



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