Jace Blackwell

Jace Blackwell has always felt connected to water and music despite not learning how to swim until they were fifteen years old. They have always been told that they couldn’t sing to save their life, but that never stopped them from trying.

In fact, Jace has won multiple awards as a poet and as a songwriter. Some of their work that won had been created when they were only eight years old.

Horror Drowning
Horror Drowning

One of their earliest memories is water and music. They were making the water dance as their favorite music played in the background. As time passed, Jace gained a love for reading and writing, often creating worlds that they could get lost in whenever life became too hard to handle.

Jace’s childhood was not an easy one. Their biological mother was highly abusive, leaving scars on their body and their soul. Writing quickly became their escape, their only way to survive the pain of life. Even after Jace escaped the hell they had grown up in, they never lost their passion for writing or their desire to make the world a better place.


They had dreams of becoming a therapist or a social worker to help other kids get out of the same kind of situations they had been in, but unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be.

College wasn’t cheap, and time was hard to come by. Jace worked full-time to save up for their own home, hoping that they would have children of their own one day. More than anything else in the world, they wanted to have that fairytale ending they had always read about.


However, tragedy soon struck, and Jace found themselves in an abusive relationship. The man that Jace had married grew violent and controlling until finally, Jace had no other choice but to retreat into the world that they had created. They were merely surviving while secretly waiting for the perfect time to escape.

Eventually, Jace got away from the abuse and started their own business: Wycked Concepts and Creations, where they wrote blurbs and concepts for authors who struggled to write their own.

Caribbean Reef Sharks
Caribbean Reef Sharks

Once their business grows, Jace hopes to open their own publishing company for the authors who’ve been taken advantage of by others in the industry.

Jace is determined to give a voice to those who don’t have one, both in their daily lives and in the author world.

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