Mandi Konesni

Mandi resides in Ohio, where she shares her workspace with an ornery bassle pup, two lab mixes, two cats, and assorted squirrels. It’s a regular menagerie here in the Konesni household! In addition to writing, she runs an online storefront, a roleplaying website, and is a 3rd Degree High Priestess.

She’s an avid reader and blogger, who adores music. Whenever there is a concert in town, you can bet she’s taking the night off and cheering on her favorite bands. She can easily be bribed with peanut butter M&Ms, gemstones, hot lead singers, and gargoyles.


Mandi favors the paranormal in her books, veering towards anything just outside of the realm of “normal”. She doesn’t limit herself to one genre, bouncing around to whichever story is screaming in her head the loudest at the time. Unfortunately, that means she keeps a cover hoard…You never know when you might need one!

Allergic to being bored, Mandi frequently takes on new crafting ideas and hobbies, throwing herself into anything that will keep her busy. She’s made her own soaps and toiletries, jewelry, custom designed clothing and more for years. Other things she can talk your ear off about include crystal healing, serial killers, cryptid creatures, self-publishing, and Supernatural #teamdean !


You can find Mandi’s books and upcoming signing events on her website and her craft items where she runs auctions once her stash gets too big to hide.

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