Mila Waters

International best-selling author, Mila Waters, brings her love of horror and dark fiction to the world in her works. She is fascinated by tales of gothic horror and abnormal psychology, holding firm to the belief that everyone deserves to know love, no matter how twisted and broken they may be.

Horror - Knife
Horror – Knife

Though some may refer to her as eccentric, her unique style comes to light in everything she writes. She enjoys the challenges of finding interesting plots to vampire lore, one of her favorite subjects to write about.

Coming from a small town in Wisconsin, Mila grew up reading everything she could possibly devour. This turned into a love for the horror genre. Her favorites were Christopher Pike and Stephen King.


As she got older, it became apparent the nightmares she had on an almost daily basis would become the foundation for a career writing those stories for others to enjoy. With her love of vampires, the supernatural, and cemeteries, she wants every reader to enjoy their experience. Mila is a credit to the genre, and it can be seen in all her works.

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