Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy

This first season represents an adaption of The Umbrella Academy: Apocalypse Suite. A limited six-issue series. The creator and writer being My Chemical Romance’s signer, Gerard Way. Both of which follows a group of seven super-powered foster siblings as they solve their father’s murder while trying to stop the end of the world. … More Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy

Dead Files

An investigative series that pairs Steve DiSchiavi, a retired Homicide Detective with the New York City Police Department with more than twenty-one years of active service with psychic communicator Amy Allan who has an established sixth sense and an affinity for channeling the dead. The partners explore each case on their own and then link up at the end to compare notes. — IMDB … More Dead Files

Dark The Review

Like a lot of people in recent years, I have been taken in by shows like Stranger Things and most recently The Haunting of Hill House.

Dark is another show along that spectrum that I recently found and watched on Netflix. … More Dark The Review